ABOUT Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)
Autism is a hidden condition, and can go undiagnosed for decades. 
Autistic people may struggle with over stimulation of their senses. 
Millions of Autistic people around the World remain undiagnosed. 
Lots of Autistic people have difficulty coping in social situations. 
Every Autistic person is different - no two people are identical. 
Being Autistic means your brain works slightly differently. 
Autism is a neurological condition - it is not an illness. 
Autistic people often have intense special interests. 
Autistic people have deep feelings, and emotions. 
Not all Autistic people have learning difficulties. 
Autism affects every aspect of a person's life. 
Anyone, of any gender, might be Autistic.
Autistic people may be high achievers.
Being an Autistic person is not all bad.
Autism is challenging to live with. 
Autism often runs in families. 
Autism is not easy.​​​​​​​