9th February 2024
The Royal Photographic Society Visual Arts Group publishes a regular newsletter. I'm privileged to have a feature in the January 2024 edition. Viewable here.

1st February 2024
Life is full of ups and downs. It never stops. But it helps to keep things in perspective. I am lucky. The injury to my right leg is serious, but I live in hope. This is the first really serious injury I've suffered in over fifty years of sport and physical activity. I ride a motorcycle too. With luck and care, I hope to be able to get back out walking on Bleaklow and Kinder Scout - maybe later in the year. I'm still training indoors, so will maintain my core fitness. There's life in the old dog yet.
The swelling has now completely gone - two months on. Even last week the leg was still swollen. I must limit my natural impulse to rush around. This whole episode has bought me down to earth and forced me to  accept my situation.
As an Autistic person I have what the textbook calls 'restricted thought processes'. That translates as obsessive and repetitive compulsions and interests. I need those interests, like I need air. For the sake of my mental health, I have switched my mind to focus on my motorcycle. It's a weird autistic thing. I can't just have an interest, I have to be 'all in'. It defines who I am. 
I'm hoping (that word again) that I will be physically able to return to my art photography and walking. I need to be fully competent to do so - I cannot risk a further bad tear as that would be a full stop.

4th January 2024
I have to deal with a cruel reality. My right leg is damaged quite badly. It may eventually recover, but for now I have to be patient. I must wait and take care not to damage the leg again. Perhaps in a few months it will be safe to test the leg. I cannot imagine being unable to walk on my beloved Dark Peak ever again. 
In the interim, I will look for another subject to express my creativity. It is a process that cannot be rushed. If I have anything to share, I will publish it on this website.
With hindsight going for the walk on Boxing day was ill advised. I had to try though. I talked it through with my physio beforehand. There was always a risk I might damage the leg again, or perhaps not. As it turns out I now face the reality of being somewhat physically disabled. I pray it is temporary.

27th December 2023
On Boxing Day I went for a short walk onto Derwent Edge. An easy walk in good weather. It went wrong big time - my bad leg failed again. At the two  mile mark, without warning the leg went into spasm, and the muscle in my lower calf 'pulled'. I limped back to the car once again. It looks very possible that it may be the end of my walking adventures. One word springs to mind - 8ollocks!!!

22nd November 2023
On 22nd November I had a mishap, while walking on Bleaklow. I tore my right calf muscle two miles from the car. I hobbled back to safety using a found piece of wood as a make-do crutch.
It was much more than just a pulled muscle - it was a severe tear, with extensive swelling and bruising. I am temporarily incapacitated. Hamstrung. So, I'm unable to walk. This has meant no new images, sorry. A temporary situation I hope. 
A young Physio has been treating me, instructing me on how to get walking again. He has been brilliant. Three weeks later, the bruising has gone, and the swelling mostly. Thankfully I am over the acute phase. I will not accept anything less than a full recovery.
I have started light training, working-out very cautiously, but still not fit to go walking on the hills. I won't do that until I'm confident and capable. If I was to fail, I would only put mountain rescue personnel at risk. The frustration is quite difficult to cope with. I'm eager to get back out there. 
Hopefully won't be too long. Maybe in January with luck.
15th December 2023